Habeck about his ministry: "People are getting sick."

Beconomy minister Robert Habeck (Greens) has described the heavy workload in his ministry in dramatic terms. He said on Thursday at a congress of the Federation of German Industries in Berlin: "People, at some point they have to sleep and eat." And he continued: "It's not shit I'm telling: people are getting sick. They have burnout, they get tinnitus. They can't take it anymore.” It's always the same people who make the laws, because that's the way the house is set up. The tourism department cannot design the electricity market.

Habeck reported that 20 laws and 28 ordinances had been passed in his ministry in the past nine months. "I'd have to count how many laws the Ministry of Economic Affairs made in the last legislature." He would guess there were fewer.

Habeck also criticized an "outgrowth" in EU state aid law. You have “buried yourself” in lots of pitfalls. That Ministry of Economy is primarily concerned with the consequences of the energy crisis triggered by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Above all, there is criticism of Habeck because of the gas levy.

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