“GZSZ” spin-off: Dramatic trailer for the “Leon” sequel

“GZSZ” spin-off: Dramatic trailer for the “Leon” sequel

“GZSZ” spin-off
Dramatic trailer for the “Leon” sequel

Susan Sideropoulos in "Leon - fight for your love".

Susan Sideropoulos in “Leon: Fight for Your Love”.

© RTL / Matthias Marx

A “GZSZ” spin-off film is in the starting blocks. RTL has now released the first trailer for “Leon – fight for your love”.

The sequel to the “Leon” spin-off will be shown on RTL on January 11 from 8:15 p.m. The feature film of the “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” offshoot “Leon – Fight for Your Love” starring Daniel Fehlow (47) and Susan Sideropoulos (42) has already been on the streaming service for a week RTL+ available. “RTL.de” has now published a first trailer. The pictures show how Leon and Sarah’s love is put to the test.

The brother becomes the subject of dispute

Because when Leon and Sarah are still happily planning their wedding, an (apparently unpleasant) surprise is just around the corner: Sarah’s brother Jan, who disappeared 30 years ago, is returning to Engelshoop. But as much as Leon wishes her luck, something makes him doubt Sarah’s brother. Why does he really reappear after such a long time? What does he want from his sister? “You keep your hands off Sarah,” Leon Jan says in the trailer. But he is not intimidated.

Leon’s doubts also lead to a heated argument between him and Sarah, as the clip also shows. According to the announcement, his search for evidence of his suspicions even endangers his life. Will Sarah, who breaks up in the trailer and walks across the beach in her wedding dress, realize in time who she can actually trust? New to the cast are Daniel Roesner (38) as Jan and Sarah Hannemann (32) as Jan’s girlfriend Michelle. In addition, the “GZSZ” stars Wolfgang Bahro (62), Ulrike Frank (53) and Felix von Jascheroff (40) will be there.

The station previously produced the feature film “Leon – Don’t Believe Everything You See” and a mini-series of the same name, which were released in early 2021. According to “RTL.de” Both formats followed their own dramaturgy and the feature film contained exclusive bonus scenes. In September, it was announced that filming had begun on a sequel.


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