Guido Maria Kretschmer: These are the key pieces in autumn and winter

Guido Maria Kretschmer
These are the key pieces in autumn and winter

Michelle Hunziker and Guido Maria Kretschmer have been good friends for years.

Michelle Hunziker and Guido Maria Kretschmer have been good friends for years.

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Which fashion trends are dominating this autumn and winter? Guido Maria Kretschmer reveals this on the sidelines of the About You Fashion Week in Milan.

Double premiere for Guido Maria Kretschmer (57): The star designer made his debut at Milan Fashion Week on Friday evening and, in addition to his new Main and Curvy Collection, also launched his own men’s collection for the first time. “The show was a big moment for me,” enthuses Kretschmer. In an interview, he reveals which fashion trends are particularly popular this autumn and winter and which key pieces should not be missing in any wardrobe.

Dear Guido, how did you experience your first fashion show in Milan?

Guido Maria Kretschmer: The show was a great success and a great moment for me. It was very special to present my GMK fashion collection for the first time as part of About You Fashion Week Milan to be able to present. I also launched my first GMK Men collection. There were great models present who showed our ready-to-wear collection, which could also be bought online immediately after the show. Normally parts for the next season are always presented. Everything was very modern and had a lot of good parameters. My personal highlight was my dear friend Michelle Hunziker, who was there to support me. She lives in Milan, so we were able to spend some time together.

Why did you take so long with your first standalone men’s collection?

Kretschmer: I was happy in the women’s segment for a long time, I was very focused on women. Nevertheless, I have always designed mens wear, for example through my corporate or couture collections. But somehow the time was right to make a complete men’s collection. Especially now, when you can see that designs can be worked across. We have therefore created many looks, some of which are very masculine, but also very diverse and can be worn by anyone.

What is your favorite style from the current collection, what do you prefer to wear yourself?

Kretschmer: There is a sweater that I had to fight a bit to get into the collection comes. This is my absolute favorite part. It is beige with a beautiful slightly animal-printed stripe. For me, that was a little homage to Yves Saint Laurent and so far he’s been very well received by customers – so it was worth my assertiveness (laughs).

Which fashion trends are particularly dominating this fall and winter?

Kretschmer: The fashion trend this season is definitely coats and these somewhat new shoulder proportions. Belts are back, especially wider ones. There are many moments that also remind you a bit of the 90s, with all its facets. We have also integrated parts of this into my About You collection, but in such a way that it remains wearable and the parts can be easily combined with each other.

Which key pieces shouldn’t be missing in any wardrobe?

Kretschmer: I’m definitely with the coats. Good trouser suits and blazers are definitely key pieces for autumn and winter, and of course all kinds of knitwear.

Which colors and fabrics are particularly popular?

Kretschmer: For me, of course, it’s these dark pastel tones that I really like. They will still have great power in the next season because they just suit people well. These very beautiful natural tones are also particularly popular. Many shades of brown, cream and coffee, also in combination with blue. We always make sure that my collection is sustainable, and colors also play a very important role for me. It is essential to work with colors that can be perfectly combined and are justified for a long time. Because the most important thing when it comes to sustainability in fashion is that you can wear the pieces for more than just one season.

What is totally out this year?

Kretschmer: Out for me is definitely the massive color blocking and also too much quilting. I can’t see it that well anymore, at least in the extreme variants. In general, however, we can no longer really be out in the time we live in, because what might be out for us designers can still be very popular in street style. Trends shift and have different relevance in different areas and that’s a good thing.


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