Guest contribution by Helge Lindh on Documenta culture

It’s not about Kassel, it’s about Germany: The Bundestag must now discuss – and clarify – how we deal with anti-Semitism, postcolonialism and BDS. A guest post from Parliament.

After the momentous art show in Kassel, which was a Worldshould become an art show, one has to say: Germany remains true to itself, even in times of change. It deals with itself even when it expressly wants to deal with others. This is at the expense of parts of the population and third parties. The shards are enormous, trust tiny, distrust huge. Jews are stunned, the actors of the “Global South” offended and feel powerless, some attempts at instrumentalization nefarious, attempts at coping listless, the whole mess, which is not a natural phenomenon but man-made, despondent. The usual shifting of responsibilities between the federal government, the federal states and local authorities should not be missing either. Ego me absolvo. That leaves the old, razor-sharp dictum of the Jewish doctor Zvi Rix, which will remain valid forever: “Auschwitz, the Germans will never forgive us!”

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