Green Vault Gem Heist: Search for evidence complete

Green Vault Gem Heist: Search for evidence complete

IIn the case of the theft of jewels from the Dresden Green Vault, the police have ended their search for clues in a Berlin sewer. “We have now stopped the search,” said a police spokesman. About 20 divers from different federal states had the shipping canal on the Kiehlufer in the district on the first and second day of Christmas Neukoelln searched. Shortly before Christmas, most of the jewelry that had been stolen in Berlin around three years ago was secured.

However, the police did not provide any information on the background to the search operation after the search had ended on Wednesday. “With a view to the main hearing, we cannot give any details about what was searched for or whether anything was found,” said a police spokesman on request. The trial in the case of the spectacular theft is scheduled to continue in Dresden on January 10th.

In the early morning of November 25, 2019, pieces of jewelery with a total of 4,300 diamonds and brilliants with a total value of over 113 million euros were stolen from the Green Vault. The perpetrators had also caused damage to property amounting to more than one million euros. The 31 seized individual parts were secured in Berlin and brought back to Dresden, where experts are currently examining the pieces.

The return of the jewels appears to have been preceded by a deal between a defense attorney and the judiciary. It was “talked between the defense and the public prosecutor’s office, including the court, about a possible procedural agreement and the return of existing booty”, it was said officially.

The slump made international headlines. In this case, six young men are currently facing charges of gang theft and serious arson. You are German and come from a well-known Arab family in Berlin.

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