Green is very trendy when it comes to nail polishes

GGreen varnish on the nails, there was something there. was launched in 2009, when the financial crisis was raging and even wealthy clients were being forced to save across the board chanels a polish that shimmered like a jewel on the nails. Chanel Jade, as it was called, was exceptional for the time. The French manicure of the early millennium was not yet forgotten, the nail polish color world was beige to pink.

Jennifer Wiebking

Editor in the “Life” department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

At around 20 euros per bottle, the Chanel paint in green passed as a small it-piece when more expensive purchases were suddenly no longer possible. Then something happened that the brand could actually foresee with its handbags: everyone wanted the paint. It quickly sold out and fetched ten times the original price on Ebay. This page now features VerdePastello by Chanel.

The color is reminiscent Boris Palmers “resting green”. Verdepastelo is neither a bestseller nor a sell-out. It stands for another trend: for a while now, women have been wearing green on their nails, first young people and then those who can still remember jade. The color is there, in all shades, from all brands. The traditional houses are there, Hermès Beauty, for example, with a petrol green Vert Égyptien and Gucci with Melinda Green, alluding to a green spice sauce from the United States.

It goes without saying that there must also be green paint from green brands. Here the products finally have a program, they are not only green in the sense of organic, but also forest green (Manucurist), turquoise green (Kure Bazaar), pistachio green (Nailberry), frog green (Kester Black). So is all that green again a symbol of the major crisis in which we are stuck? Or simply a sign that something has changed in the history of nail polish and that the world is more colorful today? In any case, it is a last reminder of the hot summer and its trend color bright green in this cold autumn.

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