Great Britain wants to subsequently ban Chinese Nexperia chip factory purchase

Grant Shapps

The UK business secretary is considering retrospectively banning the takeover.

(Photo: Reuters)

London The British government wants to subsequently prohibit the takeover of the country’s largest chip factory by the Chinese technology group Nexperia. The government announced on Wednesday evening that there was a risk to national security from the takeover of the British chip factory Newport Wafer Fab by Nexperia.

Foreign trade and investments that promote growth and employment are welcomed, said Secretary of Commerce Grant Shapps. “But if we recognize a risk to national security, we will act decisively.” Nexperia must therefore sell at least 86 percent of the British chip factory Newport Wafer Fab again.

Nexperia bought Newport Wafer Fab in 2021. In early 2022, the government announced a review after a law allowing the state to scrutinize and block takeovers and investments in sensitive sectors came into force. The law can also be applied retrospectively.

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