Gravis no longer accepts cash: the end of freedom?

Cash is freedom, as the saying goes, or “Only cash is true”. The reasoning behind this: only if you have your bills and coins in your pocket are you in control of them. What is digitally in the account can be taken away quickly or monitored at every step.

Gravis’ decision to no longer accept cash will therefore cause an outcry in the usual circles. It doesn’t matter that only very few have ever visited such a shop, let alone paid there. Just as little as the question of how sensible it is to pay for a computer that costs several thousand euros in cash. It is not for nothing that only a small percentage still pays in cash in the Gravis branches.

Because cash advocates tend to forget that freedom is not a one-way street. Many people are already making the decision to stop using cash and instead pay by card, mobile phone or watch. Likewise, Gravis is entrepreneurially free to no longer accept cash because it is far too expensive – an important point when advertising in the shopping streets for customers who do not want to order online. But everyone is just as free to choose another shop where they can buy the latest technological gadgets with cash. This is lived freedom.

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