Government: US Capitol Storming Committee summons Trump

Government: US Capitol Storming Committee summons Trump

Committee on storming the US Capitol summons Trump

During a hearing of the investigative committee into the US Capitol attack on January 6, 2021 in the House of Representatives

A video of former US President Trump is shown during a hearing of the investigative committee into the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 in the House of Representatives. photo

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It is rare for a current or former US President to be subpoenaed by Congress. Donald Trump is now scheduled to testify about his supporters’ storming of the Capitol in Washington.

The investigative committee into the attack on the US Capitol in January 2021 has ex-president on Thursday donald trump subpoenaed. It’s a rare escalation of investigations. Previously, the congressional committee tried to hold Trump more responsible for the attack with new evidence. “We have an obligation to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion,” Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said.

If Trump doesn’t obey the subpoena, the House of Representatives could indict him for contempt of Congress Ministry of Justice Show. Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon, for example, has already been convicted for this.

However, time is running out. A new House of Representatives will be elected on November 8th. By the end of the year – before the newly elected House of Representatives begins its work in January – the committee have completed his work. And according to polls and analysis, there’s a good chance the largely pro-Trump Republican Party will win the election. Then further investigations into the attack should be off the table anyway.

Trump can refuse to testify

Trump can initially also his lawyers against the subpoena send to court. And even if Trump should follow the request, he can refuse to testify, for example so as not to incriminate himself. Several of his confidants had exercised this right when questioned by the committee.

In a first reaction, Trump did not comment on how he wanted to proceed, but only criticized the timing of the subpoena. In a post on his in-house online network Truth Social, he asked why the committee didn’t ask him months ago to testify, but waited until the end. At the same time, he repeated his claims about “massive counterfeiting” that had been refuted by many courts presidential election – “the reason for what happened on January 6”.

The attack on the Capitol came right after Trump’s appearance behind the White House, during which the then US President once again stirred up the crowd of his supporters with false claims that his election victory against challenger Joe Biden had been stolen from him.

Now, documents presented at a public meeting of the committee show that the Secret Service, entrusted with Trump’s security, was alerted to plans of attack among supporters as early as late December. Internal news provided to the committee also shows that the Secret Service’s surveillance also found that many of the Trump supporters present were armed at the appearance. Still, the White House and Trump made no attempt to stop the performance or the march on the Capitol.

unapologetic behavior

“He sent them to the Capitol knowing they were angry, knowing they were armed,” Cheney said. One must ensure that not only the “foot soldiers” who stormed the Houses of Parliament in Washington would be punished. “Any attempt to excuse or justify the ex-president’s behavior undermines the very foundations of our republic.”

Trump’s supporters stormed the seat of parliament on January 6, 2021. Congress met there to formally confirm Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Five people died as a result of the riots.

In the past few months, the committee had already unearthed some astounding details. Numerous witnesses weighed heavily on Trump. Now, for the first time, footage has been shown of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi trying to organize protection by the National Guard or Defense Department units during the attack by telephone. Meanwhile, members of the committee emphasized that Trump had not done anything for hours – even against requests from confidants – to stop his supporters. He was informed about the events.


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