Götze and the magnet in the foot

Götze and the magnet in the foot

Et are summer days to enjoy for Eintracht Frankfurt and their fans. The weather is amazing, the memory of the Europa League triumph still acts as a happy hormone, most wishes came true on the transfer market and the first week of training flew by without a single negative message.

Eintracht’s first test match in Nieder-Weisel became a festival in the provinces, the project “Eintracht in der Region”, in which the women’s team and the traditional team are also involved, has become a resounding success, which strengthens the close connection between the club and following even further intensified.

Expectation pressure without need

Maybe let himself team captain Sebastian Rode get carried away from this summer mood to the statement that Eintracht is better than last season. A claim that does not seem too daring after the commitment of the offensive forces Götze, Alario and Kolo Muani, but which increases the pressure of expectations without need.

Especially the praise arias on idol can produce undesirable side effects if the former national player does not know how to use his outstanding skills to the full, as he often did in his last years in the Bundesliga. What his stabilization phase in Eindhoven is worth has yet to be seen in the Bundesliga and in the premier class.

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