Google year in review 2022: Putin was searched for particularly often

Google year in review 2022
The search for Putin was particularly frequent

In 2022, German Internet users asked Google numerous questions about Vladimir Putin.

In 2022, German Internet users asked Google numerous questions about Vladimir Putin.

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In 2022, Vladimir Putin was googled particularly often because of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

In December, Google once again looks back on the past year. The published lists show that in Germany, in particular, the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine has led to many searches. This is what the Russian President says Wladimir Putin (70) took first place in the table of personalities for whom search interest increased the most in 2022 compared to the previous year.

The other personalities in the top ten

In terms of personalities, Putin is followed by Hollywood star Johnny Depp (59) and his ex-wife Amber Heard (36) in second and third place. Depp had sued Heard for defamation in the United States, and the process became a media spectacle. Boris Becker (55), who was sentenced to imprisonment for delaying bankruptcy in Great Britain, ends up on the four – in front of his former tennis protégé Novak Djokovic (35). The vaccine refuser was not allowed to compete at the Australian Open at the beginning of the year.

The sensation surrounding Fynn Kliemann (34) after a contribution to Jan Böhmermann’s (41) program “ZDF Magazin Royale” brings the influencer sixth place. Will Smith (54) positions himself in eighth place after slapping comedian Chris Rock (57) on stage at the Oscars. The remaining places are occupied by three candidates from this year’s jungle camp: Tina Ruland (56) is in seventh place, designer Harald Glööckler (57) in ninth place and Ruland’s fellow actress Anouschka Renzi (58) takes tenth place.

Meanwhile, Putin also tops the list of politicians, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj (44) has five and Kiev’s mayor and ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko (51) has ten. Also frequently searched for: Anne Spiegel (41, two), Gerhard Schröder (78, three), Sanna Marin (37, four), Christian Lindner (43, six), Ricarda Lang (28, seven), Rishi Sunak (42, eight) and Emmanuel Macron (44, nine).

From Ukraine to the World Cup in Qatar

For the first time since the beginning, the corona pandemic is no longer one of the most popular topics of the year. The general search terms in the Google annual review 2022 are accordingly “Ukraine” in first place, Putin ends up in fifth place. The second and third places are taken by “WM 2022” and “Olympia 2022”, followed by “Queen”, Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), who died at the beginning of September Four.The top ten search terms complete “monkeypox” (six), “Women’s European Championship” (seven), “Nations League” (eight), “Jeffrey Dahmer” (nine) – probably due to the popular Netflix series “Dahmer – Monsters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer” – and “Storm Gusts Warning” (ten).

“Ukraine” also tops the list of the most interesting headlines for users, followed by “monkey pox” in second place and “9-Euro-Ticket” in third place. It is followed by “Heat Warning” (four) and the discussion about the controversial song “Layla” by DJ Robin and Schürze in fifth place. Will Smith’s much-discussed Oscar slap lands on the six before “Taiwan” (seven), “Energy flat rate” (eight), “Qatar” (nine) and “citizen money” (ten).

The various W-questions also include topics related to Corona, personalities, sports and other areas of interest, but here too Putin and the Ukraine war are often the focus with questions such as: “How old is Putin?”, “Why is it Russia to Ukraine?”, “How many soldiers does Russia have?” or “What does Putin want?”.

The Google Annual Review 2022 shows a particularly strong increase in search interest in the different categories compared to the previous year.


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