Good dead, bad alive: three of the others, two for the CDU

Konrad Adenauer became Chancellor for the first time at the age of 73, Charles still has everything in it. And at the RBB it should be directed by a young new one.

Queen with hat

Queen with a hat – now the youngsters are coming Photo: dpa

taz: Mr. Küppersbusch, what was bad last week?

Friedrich Küppersbusch: After Gorbachev and Ströbele, the Queen.

What gets better in this one?

Now three of the others.

The queen is dead, long live the king. Isn’t Charles actually too old for the job?

Konrad Adenauer became Chancellor for the first time at the age of 73. Now it will be seen whether Britain is still a monarchy or has long been an Elizabethan period.

At RBB, the interim successor comes from the ÖRR family. Can Katrin Vernau change anything?

WDR colleagues describe her as cool and matter-of-fact on the big stage, open-minded and approachable in encounters. As an ex-partner at the management consultancy Roland Berger, she is likely to be familiar with imaginative salaries and seems to have renounced this in order to compete as an independent in the shadow cabinet of the SPD in Baden-Württemberg. At WDR, the costs for a “digital media house” tripled, at RBB one was planned that she now has to decide on. The workforce is hopelessly frustrated, is pummeled by the public when they do research and still bears small traces of the DNA of the reunification period. An administrator from the West is an interesting answer to the mood “a journalist from the East”. Sharp cost control and a good program are always an option.

The Chancellor loudly addressed the CDU. The internet seemed surprised. And you?

The hits are getting closer. In the NRW election campaign, he boomed at a gang of lateral thinkers: “Just because you yell loudly doesn’t mean you’re right”. he yelled loudly. At the May rally, it hit pacifists: “Cynical!” Scholz fingered in maximum unleashing of his body language, which can otherwise compete with any corner flag. Such freaks could be interpreted as an outlet: the chancellor beats up a bit of cheap windfall in order to come across as level-headed, not excited, and integrating on the big stages. As with Merkel, “the calm should lie in the power”, and he also needs the Union for his “turning point”. So it refreshes and delights, even if you can’t shake the impression: In his schedule it said “Wednesday, 9:24 am, freak out”.

The CDU has decided on the women’s quota. Can you imagine Friedrich Merz in a double leadership with his wife?

15 years of “Prince Charles of the Union” is not a solution either: Merz had melted and trolled in 2004 after Merkel had duped him. He wanted the whole kingdom. That’s why it sounds plausible when he now calls the quota a “signal”, pointing to women as voters and citing just about every argument that aims at external impact and image and none that comes from the heart. Holding the door open for women is the most charming way to make sure they end up in the passenger seat.

The synodal path is intended to bring about reforms. However, the German bishops voted against the adoption of a basic text on sexual morality. Do you still have hope that the church will reform?

Almost two-thirds of the bishops and over 80 percent of the grassroots representatives voted in favour. One can imagine few institutions in which such a vote would have an effect as a final “no”. Apparently, being Catholic means wanting to feel authoritarian and wanting other authorities to comfort you. Instead of questioning the principle of authority. There are many things you can appreciate about God, but when it comes to patience, he sometimes overdoes it.

The ECB has decided to raise interest rates the most since the introduction of the euro. Where will you store your money in the future?

Whenever my account got fat cheeked, I “bought stones” to the chagrin of my bank advisor. So pay for a house, and that’s a luxury. Anyone who has no money will not be comforted by the fact that he would now receive interest if he had any.

Robert Habeck practices the nuclear balancing act. What exercise do you recommend?

submerge. The botched gas levy, the crude nuclear compromise and again the bad diarrhea in “Maischberger”: Habeck can still be “watched while thinking” when not much is happening up there in terms of thinking. Our tip: explaining politics well is great if you’ve already finished it.

And what are the Borussia doing?

Saturday afternoon, a bus stop in Dortmund, a fan in full regalia stares into the rain and hears the 3 to 0 smack in Leipzig on a small radio. Again not “Man of the Match”, wrongly so.

Questions: Daniel Schütz, Larena Kloeckner

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