GNTM: Heidi sends Elsa home because of her lips

GNTM: Heidi sends Elsa home because of her lips

Heidi sends Elsa home: trouble with sprayed lips on “Germany’s Next Top Model”

Heidi Klum

“GNTM” presenter Heidi Klum criticized the splashed pout of a candidate.

© Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/dpa

In the last episode of “Germany’s Next Top Model” it was said again: “Please smile!” However, one of the candidates had difficulties with it – and had to leave the show.

Because she couldn’t really smile with her puffed lips, “Germany’s Next Topmodel“-Candidate Elsa flew out of the show. During a shoot with the British star photographer Vicky Lawton, the 18-year-old show participant managed with great difficulty to show a happy facial expression. “I got the lips let it be done,” Elsa said on the ProSieben show. “The material comes from Russia.”

It is a very strong active ingredient, so she can hardly move her pout. Presenter Heidi Klum reprimanded Elsa for not being able to relax her face during the photo session. At the end of the show, the 18-year-old had to leave the show. Before that, competitor Jülide had to pack her bags.

Topless shoot at GNTM

The young people took part in the so-called sedcard shoot Women Application pictures, but with a shirtless upper body. To cover the chest, the models held signs with their body measurements in front of them.

The models caused merriment in the second half of the show. During the passage, the candidates each wore a large letter on their dress. They should solve quiz questions and form a kind of human Scrabble as an answer on the catwalk. However, when asked about the inventor of the “little black dress” evening dress, the correct answer “Coco Chanel” did not come to mind. They thought of actress Audrey Hepburn instead. Then, in the rush, six young women formed a bumpy and meaningless “HEAURN” on the catwalk.


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