Giovanni van Bronckhorst can win finals

Giovanni van Bronckhorst can win finals

VA few years ago, Giovanni van Bronckhorst almost ended up at Borussia Dortmund. Apparently anyway: The French sports newspaper “L’Équipe” wanted to know at the time that the Dutchman was to replace Thomas Tuchel, who had just been released, at BVB. That was in the summer of 2017, at the time van Bronckhorst had just two years of experience as head coach with the professionals at his hometown club Feyenoord Rotterdam.

But there was a good reason why the media still associated his name with Borussia – and it was quite credible at that: the young coach had won the Dutch Cup with Feyenoord in this short time and his first championship the following season of the club for 18 years.

As is well known, Van Bronckhorst did not move to Dortmund. He stayed at Feyenoord for two more years, winning the cup again but not renewing his contract, which expired in 2019, in order to gain new experience. To do this, he first sat in on the City Football Group for a few months, where he learned from Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola.

In January 2020 he went to Guangzhou in China, but was not happy there because of the effects of the corona pandemic. After almost a year he left China to return to his family in the Netherlands. He didn’t make the decision easy for himself, he said at the time: “But my family comes first.”

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