Getting pregnant: “You should start in your early 30s”

She was the first person to witness the division of an egg cell live under the microscope. As Director of the Max Planck Institute, Melina Schuh researches the beginning of life. An interview about fertility, late mothers and chaos in the cell.

Ms. Schuh, the singer Gianna Nannini became a mother at the age of 54, Heidi Klum now wants to have another child at the age of 50. Reports like this give the impression that women can postpone motherhood for as long as they like. What do you think of such celebrity news?
Most women of this age can only become mothers through egg donation. The reason is that these cells are already present in a girl’s body before she is born, so in a 40-year-old woman they are also 40 years old. There are fewer and fewer errors. But in Germany, egg cell donations are forbidden. Many couples therefore travel to countries such as Spain or the Czech Republic to fulfill their desire to have children.

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