Gernot Tripcke on the ice hockey league: “Now more than ever” – Sport

Despite Corona, war and the energy crisis, DEL Managing Director Gernot Tripcke speaks of increasing revenues and explains why thin ice can be better.

Interviewed by

John Schnitzler

The 29th season of the Germans begins on Thursday (7.30 p.m. / Magentasport) with the guest appearance of EHC Red Bull Munich at the Kölner Haie ice Hockey League. Gernot Tripcke, 54, has been there almost from the start. The lawyer, who was born in Kiel, has been managing DEL’s business since 2000. The past two years have been among the most challenging of his tenure. Now, he believes, better times are dawning for professional sport. The league is already aiming for a sales record this season, “towards 150 million euros,” says Tripcke. He is worried about the youngsters and popular sport. A conversation about cold showers, happy marriages – and the soccer World Cup.

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