Germany’s handball women: successful EM test in Hungary

Germany’s handball women: successful EM test in Hungary

DGermany’s women’s handball team smiled at each other after successfully passing the EM endurance test against Hungary – and the new national coach Markus Gaugisch was also very satisfied with the strong performance at 31:20 (17:12) five days before the start of the EM against Poland . “That was fun. I saw a very motivated and hot team”, praised Gaugisch, who DHB to implement the winning gene of European League winner Bietigheim.

With the clear success at the start of a three-country tournament, the DHB selection around the outstanding goalkeeper Katharina Filter gained a lot of self-confidence for the European Championship on Monday, in which Spain and co-hosts Montenegro are the other preliminary round opponents. “It was really fun. The defense was very aggressive and I also had a really good day,” said the 23-year-old Filter from the Danish first division club København Håndbold, who is also the goalkeeper of the German beach handball team and occupied the goal for the first time in a final as number one.

“We were very dominant”

In front of 3,500 spectators in Tatabánya, Meike Schmelzer, Xenia Smits, Johanna Stockschläder and Julia Maidhof were the best throwers for the DHB team, each with four goals. “I wished for a win. The many good campaigns give a good feeling for the EM,” said co-captain Emily Bölk. “We were very dominant.”

There was bad news before kick-off: backcourt player Marie Michalczik suffered a hand injury in the final training session on Sunday and will not be able to play in the European Championship. The next moment of shock followed after less than 15 minutes when left winger Antje Döll injured his knee without opposition and had to leave the field. “That’s the only fly in the ointment. I hope it’s not that bad,” Gaugisch said. A diagnosis was initially pending.

However, the DHB selection was just as unimpressed by this as by the great unrest in the preparation, when the public was far more concerned with the massive allegations of psychological violence in women’s handball than with the sport, and controlled the game from the start. Up to 11:4 (18th minute) the German team hardly made any mistakes in defense and attack, which Gaugisch followed with satisfaction on the sidelines. Even when the Hungarians came within three goals to make it 12:9 (24th), the DHB team didn’t lose their line. “We stayed cool,” praised Gaugisch.

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