Germany's arms deliveries: Favorit Panzerhaubitze

AOn Sunday, the Chancellor referred to the importance of German arms supplies for the Ukrainian offensive against the Russian invasion. Weapons from Germany, such as artillery and anti-aircraft defenses, helped make Ukraine's current military successes possible, he said Olaf Scholz the Deutschlandfunk. Berlin "probably supplied some of the most crucial weapons that are necessary for the current battle in eastern Ukraine." And further: "It was precisely the weapons that we provided that made the difference and made the current successes that Ukraine is achieving possible." And so it makes sense that we continue there.”

For the required delivery of armored personnel carriers and battle tanks to the Ukraine Scholz again avoided a clear statement to the broadcaster and explained: "We supported Ukraine, we will do it, we do it on a very large scale and also with very relevant weapons that we make available, and at the same time it remains our goal that there will be no escalation of the war between Russia and NATO.”

Also the armed forces himself assumes that German weapons played an important role in Ukraine's offensive in the east of their country. This applies in particular to the Panzerhaubitze 2000. "Among the weapon systems used, it is currently the favorite there," said Brigadier General Christian Freuding, head of the Ukraine special staff, in a Bundeswehr video on Friday. Together with the Netherlands, Germany has delivered a total of 18 howitzers to Ukraine. A perimeter with which an artillery battalion could be equipped.

"Signal of unity and shared responsibility"

It is not known to what extent other main weapon systems that came from Germany were used in the offensive south of Kharkiv. The MARS II rocket launcher, of which Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) promised two more systems in Ukraine on Thursday, is said to be used intensively, but whether it was last used in the south or in the east remains to be seen. In the case of the “Gepard” anti-aircraft gun tank, it is even uncertain whether it has ever been used in combat. By the middle of last week, 27 of the 30 systems had been handed over from industrial companies. The last should find their way to Ukraine by Sunday.

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