Germany to Spain game in the main round

Dhe German handball players couldn’t really be happy about entering the main round of the European Championship and left the floor with a frustrated expression on their faces. Despite a 21:23 (10:11) defeat in the dramatic group final against Spain, the DHB team trembled into the second phase of the tournament, but with 0:4 points the prospects for the rest of the final round are anything but rosy.

“Frustration prevails. We’re going to Skopje. But today we’re depressed about the way we played the game,” said national coach Markus Gaugisch. “We were tense and couldn’t find a solution. We need to work on that.” The best German thrower was backcourt player Alina Grijseels with six goals.

“Of course we didn’t want that”

In front of 300 spectators in Podgorica, the German team couldn’t stand the pressure and lost all chances for the European Championship semi-finals early on. Especially since the tasks against Romania, Olympic champions France and the former world champions Netherlands are not getting any easier. “We have zero points, of course we didn’t want that,” said Gaugisch.

After all, Xenia Smits averted the threat of the preliminary round with her goal 24 seconds before the end. “Of course we’re looking forward to more games and are happy that we don’t have to go home yet. But we can’t be satisfied with our performance,” said Smits.

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