Germany supplies rocket launchers and armored vehicles

DThe Ukraine will receive additional rocket launchers and armored transport vehicles from Germany; However, there is still no German response to the Kiev government's request for the delivery of Leopard 2 tanks. Secretary of Defense Christina Lambrecht (SPD) announced the delivery of two more Mars rocket launchers to the Ukraine along with 200 rockets and the delivery of 50 armored Dingo-type transporters at the beginning of a Bundeswehr conference in front of the Bundeswehr commanders in Berlin. She said it was "encouraging to see what successes Ukraine could achieve with the help of German weapons" in the offensive in the east and south of the country.

The minister also announced that an agreed exchange of rings with Greece was about to be implemented. According to this, the Greek side will deliver 40 Soviet-type BMP1 infantry fighting vehicles to the Ukraine and in return will receive 40 Marder-type tanks from German armaments manufacturers, the infantry fighting vehicle that the armed forces phased out and replaced by the Puma type.

foreign minister Annalena Bärbock (Greens) had called for a quick decision on the delivery of battle tanks the day before in a conversation with the FAZ and also increasingly brought up the delivery of equipment that does not come from the Bundeswehr stocks, but would be delivered directly by the armaments industry. As an example, Baerbock gave the ammunition for the anti-aircraft tank Gepard, whose old stocks are apparently running out.

support from the CSU

The leader of the European People's Party, the CSU MEP Manfred Weber, supported the demand for the delivery of German battle tanks on Thursday. Weber told the Funke media group's newspapers that the Ukrainian army was showing that with the right help, it could win the war; "Therefore, the federal government should clear the way for the delivery of battle tanks." This could shorten the war and limit suffering.

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