“Germany is looking for the superstar”: Who is the juror Leony?

“Germany is looking for the superstar”: Who is the juror Leony?

“Germany seeks the superstar”
Who is juror Leony?

She is in the for the first time "DSDS"-Jury: Singer Leony.

She is on the “DSDS” jury for the first time: singer Leony.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Pop singer Leony is part of the 20th season “DSDS” for the first time as a juror. This is her previous career path.

RTL shows the first episode of “DSDS“-Jubilee season on Saturday, January 14, 2022 from 8:15 p.m. (also via RTL +). Singer Leony (25) is a new member of the jury. How do you know the musician and how did she start her career?

Leony, real Leonie Burger, was born in 1997 in Chammünster, Bavaria. Her brother is the professional soccer player Korbinian Burger. In 2014 Leony took part in the RTL-Show “Rising Star” and won the show with the band Unknown Passenger. After the band broke up, the musician moved to Sweden and from then on performed as Leony as a solo artist. In 2017 she released her debut single “Surrender”. A year later the song “Boots” followed and in 2019 “More Than Friends”. She then moved to Berlin. In 2020 she made her breakthrough with a reinterpretation of the modern-talking hit “Brother Louie”. She received support from Vize, Imanbek and Dieter Bohlen (68) personally. In 2021 she celebrated success and gold-winning hits with “Faded Love” and in 2022 with “Remedy”.

Career in Corona times

On Instagram, she lets her 69,300 followers share in her life and shows herself not only in stylish outfits, but often as well with dog Marlie. “With ‘DSDS’ she is now being brought to my parents, so I can’t do her justice. But otherwise she is everywhere,” she explained in September 2022 in an interview with SWR3. In the conversation, the musician also went into the fact that she is not present with everyone. “People know my music, but not my face yet. It’s changing a bit now with all the live performances, but before that I had no way of getting to people through Corona.” But that’s nothing bad and everything is developing, said the singer. “As long as people like my music and I don’t have to do anything else but make music and earn my money with it, then everything will happen as it has to.”

“DSDS” will certainly increase its level of awareness now. “Everything in my life will probably change after ‘DSDS’. I’m really looking forward to everything that’s to come,” explained Leony in the RTL interview. It’s incredibly nice for her, “because I’ve been watching ‘DSDS’ since I was a little kid and then I was a participant in an RTL casting show myself. Now I can sit on the jury myself, it’s so unreal for me .”


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