Germany is by far the front runner

DIn comparison to the rest of the EU, Germany granted companies by far the most state aid in the fight against the effects of the crisis, such as high energy prices. “49.33 percent of the approved state aid was registered by Germany,” said the EU Commission on Thursday in Brussels. The news portal “Politico” had previously reported on the data.

According to figures from the Federal Statistical Office, Germany is by far the largest economy with a gross domestic product of 3.6 trillion euros (2021). France is second with 2.5 trillion euros and Italy third with 1.7 trillion euros.

By the end of 2022, the Commission had approved more than 170 national measures under relaxed state aid rules, according to the Brussels authority. On this basis, the green light was given for aid estimated at around 540 billion. In second place, according to the information, is France, which has registered almost 30 percent of the aid. Italy is in third place with just under five percent.

The EU Commission emphasizes that the figures are estimates, as not all state aid that has been notified had to be given an amount. In addition, the registration of aid does not necessarily mean that it has also been paid out. The funds can be granted in the form of grants, but also loans or guarantees.

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