German rescue ship with 33 migrants landed in Lampedusa

Rand one month after the scandal in Sicily, a civilian sea rescue ship with migrants on board has called at an Italian port for the first time. The German boat “Louise Michel” of the aid organization of the same name was allowed to dock on the island of Lampedusa on Friday night. The ship had 33 people on board, previously in the central Mediterranean Sea had been rescued. As the Ansa news agency wrote, the migrants who came from Egypt were able to disembark that night.

Initially, there was no further information from either the organization or the Italian Ministry of the Interior, such as why the “Louise Michel” had been given permission to enter the port. In addition to the relatively small boat, the German “Humanity 1” with 261 people rescued from distress at sea and the “Geo Barents” from Doctors Without Borders with around 250 migrants were also waiting for a safe harbor to be assigned.

At the beginning of November there was a confrontation between the sea rescuers and the right-wing Italian government. Rome initially banned the “Humanity 1” and the “Geo Barents” from entering their territorial waters. The ships were then allowed to enter the port of Catania in Sicily – the escaped men, who, according to the authorities, were not doing badly enough, had to stay on the ships. Only after two days were all people allowed on board because the Catania health department ordered this. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni criticized this decision.

Because Italy did not allow the ship “Ocean Viking” to enter a port, it continued to France. Diplomatic relations between Rome and Paris have been strained ever since.

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