German MPs in Taipei: Walking in sensitive terrain

EIt is actually part of everyday business when the German-Taiwanese parliamentary group again Taiwan travels But this time the media echo was great. So big that the SPD member of parliament Katrin Budde said on Thursday in Taipei, half jokingly, “Now it will probably be clear even in the smallest province in Germany that there is a Taiwan, because thanks to our visit the last local newspaper reported about it “.

Friederike Böge

Political correspondent for China, North Korea and Mongolia.

For a country like Taiwan, it’s after the will of China shouldn’t give at all, this kind of attention is indeed an important asset. Many Taiwanese have reported that in the past they were mistaken for Chinese or Thai when traveling because China managed to isolate Taiwan internationally. In this respect, the first visit by a German parliamentary group since 2019 was a good balancing act for the support that the country is now experiencing internationally.

The increased level of attention probably caused the six German MPs from all factions to be more cautious. Taiwan is a touchy subject that can easily make headlines unintentionally. At the press conference on Thursday, none of the MPs wanted to comment on the expectations their Taiwanese interlocutors had for Germany.

A journalist wanted to know whether Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu would be allowed to travel to Germany in the future after he had been received in other European countries, not by the Foreign Minister but by foundations. The Green MP Till Steffen said that he did not want to restrict the scope for the talks he would have with government representatives of his party after his return by making hasty promises. There is “movement” in various fields. This could also include status questions.

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