German MPs from all factions visit Taiwan

uDespite possible resentment from Beijing, a delegation of members of the Bundestag is on a five-day visit to Taiwan arrived. The group of six MPs from all factions, led by the CDU politician Klaus-Peter Willsch, wants to get an idea of ​​the tense security situation and the economic and political development in the democratic island republic.

The parliamentarians will receive a high-ranking welcome: meetings with President Tsai Ing-wen, Vice-President Lai Ching-te, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu and Parliament leader You Si-kun are planned. The visit could lead to new irritations with Beijing of China leadership sees the island only as part of the People’s Republic and rejects official contacts from other countries to Taipei.

China used Pelosi’s visit as a pretext for aggression

Tensions around Taiwan have recently escalated. Beijing had – on the grounds of anger at the visit of the Speakers of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi – carried out large-scale maneuvers. A blockade of the island was practiced. America’s No. 3 was the highest-ranking visitor from Washington in a quarter-century.

With increased deployments of warships and aircraft in the busy straits of the Taiwan Strait Beijing has maintained military pressure on Taiwan ever since. In such times it is important to demonstrate friendship with Taiwan, said a member of the delegation of the “Freundeskreis Berlin-Taipei”, the Green MP Till Steffen, the Chinese program of Deutsche Welle.

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