German car market shows no trend reversal

Dhe car sales in Germany are not moving anywhere. New registrations in September increased sharply by 14 percent to around 225,000 vehicles, like that Federal Motor Transport Authority announced on Thursday. However, this is not a trend reversal, because last year car sales were particularly low due to a lack of material.

“September looks more optimistic than it is,” the auto professor said Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer. The figures only reflected the high order backlog of previous months, in which the car manufacturers could hardly meet the demand due to a lack of components. In the meantime, the factories would be better supplied with components and the orders processed.

“Production is running smoothly again,” said Dudenhöffer, who heads the CAR Institute in Duisburg. However, customers have since held back because of high inflation and fears of recession. Getting new orders is currently extremely difficult. Pure electric cars are particularly affected by this, and state subsidies will be capped at the end of the year. “Everyone who buys an e-car now has to reckon with not getting the old bonus because of the long delivery times,” explained Dudenhöffer.

Relaxation a long way off

The management consultancy EY is also assuming weaker demand for the next few months. A real recovery of the new car market is a long way off, predicted EY car expert Peter Fuss. Sales are still below pre-crisis levels.

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