German arms deliveries to Ukraine: Sharp guns against traffic lights

Allegations that Germany is militarily abandoning Ukraine are untenable given the large quantities of equipment already delivered.

Anti-aircraft gun in backlight

anti-aircraft gun Photo: Ukrinform/dpa

Shortly before his well-deserved farewell from Germany, Andrij Melnyk fires again from full cylinders. "This catastrophic policy of refusal by the SPD and the traffic lights to abandon Ukraine militarily at this critical moment will have devastating consequences for the future," tweeted the Ukrainian ambassador.

Should the Federal Chancellor “even after the recent achievements of the army do not change course IMMEDIATELY", that would be "a declaration of bankruptcy by Germany that will go down in history". A very idiosyncratic view of things, because the accusation that Germany is letting Ukraine down militarily has little to do with reality.

In fact, Germany is supplying significant amounts of arms and equipment to help Ukraine fight the Russian incursion. Only the US and UK support is greater. No other country in the EU has so much military equipment, only Poland comes close to Germany.

The federal government has been publishing an overview of the German assistance to Ukraine, which is regularly updated and supplemented. According to the Ministry of Defence, the Federal Republic of Germany supplies “what is available, dispensable, can be implemented quickly and can be used effectively in Ukraine” – and that is not a small amount. The range is wide and includes both light and heavy weapons. It ranges from 20 Gepard anti-aircraft tanks to the Cobra artillery detection radar.

Three-digit million range

54 armored troop carriers with armament are included, as well as 3 armored recovery vehicles, 500 anti-aircraft missiles, 2,700 rocket launchers, 50 bunker fists, 10 anti-drone cannons, 4 electronic anti-drone devices, 100 machine guns, 10 self-propelled howitzers, 7,944 anti-tank handguns, 14,900 anti-tank mines, 100,000 handguns1.8 million and hand grenades1.8 million.

This is just a small selection of the material that has been delivered so far, which either comes from the Bundeswehr stocks or from supplies from industry, which are financed with funds from the German government's €2 billion upgrading aid. Among other things, the delivery of 43 reconnaissance drones, 10 autonomous surface drones, 16 bridge-laying tanks and another 10 Gepard tanks as well as 12 armored recovery vehicles is in preparation.

The total value of the individual licenses for the export of armaments to Ukraine issued by the Federal Government in the period from January 1 to September 5, 2022 is EUR 733,623,190. But this number is somewhat misleading. On the one hand, the values ​​given for used material from Bundeswehr stocks are based on the current value, which can be significantly below the respective new or replacement value.

On the other hand, it does not take into account those tanks that - within the framework of the - which started only extremely slowly - "Ring Exchange" should be given to other countries such as Poland, Slovakia or the Czech Republic, so that they can deliver tanks of Soviet design to Ukraine from their stocks.

Incidentally, Germany's contribution to the medical and other care of the Ukrainian army should not be underestimated. This ranges from a field hospital, 1,200 hospital beds, 18 pallets of medical supplies, 500 pieces of wound dressings to stop bleeding and 60 surgical lights to 10,000 sleeping bags and 403,000 rations of one-person packs for food.

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