George Santos: Committee investigates allegations against US lawmakers

George Santos: Committee investigates allegations against US lawmakers

Controversial politician
Bizarre to serious allegations: Committee investigates the life of US MP George Santos

The pressure on US Congressman George Santos is increasing.  Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP/dpa

US Congressman George Santos will soon face questions from the ethics committee.

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The ethics committee of the US House of Representatives is now officially investigating George Santos, the imposter. Because of countless inconsistencies in the MP’s life, a separate subcommittee has even been set up.

The US House of Representatives Ethics Committee is investigating the Conservative MP George Santos initiated, who has been criticized for numerous lies about his CV. As the heads of the congressional body announced on Thursday, a committee of inquiry is to examine, among other things, whether the newly elected representative of the Republican Party in the 2022 election campaign violated applicable law.

Sexual misconduct towards applicants?

Other questions include whether the 34-year-old made false statements to the House of Representatives, violated federal conflict of interest laws, and engaged in sexual misconduct with a job applicant as an MP.

Santos was first elected to the House of Representatives in Washington in November’s midterms. As a result, there were always new revelations about the politician’s sometimes outrageous misrepresentations, including about his university education, his career, his family and his religion.

So Santos sealed a degree from an elite university and falsely claimed to have worked for the investment bank Goldman Sachs and the banking group Citigroup. He also falsely claimed that his mother survived the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and also falsely identified himself as Jewish.

There are also questions about the Republican’s campaign funding. Several investigations are now underway against the politician with Brazilian roots.

George Santos admits lies

The new MP has admitted to many of the lies and has said he “embellished” his CV. He firmly rejected a resignation demanded by some party friends. At the end of January, however, Santos suspended his work on two congressional committees.

The allegations against Santos are partly serious, partly highly bizarre. A few years ago, he was investigated for allegedly buying puppies for thousands of dollars with bad checks. In another case, a US veteran accused him of stealing thousands of dollars raised during an online fundraiser for his dog’s surgery. Santos also caused a stir because he invented a career as a successful college volleyball player.

In the midterm elections in November, republican won a slim majority in the House of Representatives. Santos also contributed to this with his victory in a New York constituency. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been criticized for not cracking down on Santos. Given the narrow majority in the Congress Chamber, McCarthy needs almost every vote.


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