George Lazenby: Ex-Bond actor regrets scandalous appearance

George Lazenby
Ex-Bond actor regrets scandalous appearance

The now 83-year-old George Lazenby appeared only once in 1969 as James Bond.

The now 83-year-old George Lazenby appeared only once in 1969 as James Bond.

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Ex-Bond actor George Lazenby has issued a public apology after a controversial appearance at a James Bond event.

After a scandalous performance in the Australian city of Perth last weekend, ex-James Bond actor George Lazenby (83) publicly apologized. Lazenby, who became a double-zero agent once in the 1969 film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, appeared as a guest star at The Music of James Bond concert event in Perth on Saturday. Parts of the audience subsequently criticized his statements on stage as "homophobic", "creepy" and "disgusting", reports the "BBC". The apology followed on Lazenby's Twitter channel.

"I regret and am saddened to hear that my stories in Perth on Saturday may have offended some people," he said Lazenby in his post. It was never his intention to make hurtful or homophobic comments, explained the successor to Sean Connery (1930-2020) as James Bond.

George Lazenby is said to have spoken on stage about sexual conquests

Visitors to the JamesBondconcert reported to Australian radio station 6PR following Lazenby's controversial performance that the 83-year-old was "basically talking about his sexual conquests" on stage. "They were self-serving, misogynist stories of George Lazenby's sexual prowess," said another member of the audience.

In the meantime, the concert promoter Concertworks has ended its collaboration with Lazenby. He will not be performing at the final event of The Music of James Bond's four-city Australian tour on Saturday (September 17) in Melbourne.


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