General pronunciation: Merz accuses Scholz of breaching his word in the Bundeswehr billions

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Merz accuses Scholz of breaking his word when it comes to the Bundeswehr billions

Union faction leader Friedrich Merz during the general debate.  Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa

Union faction leader Friedrich Merz during the general debate. photo

© Kay Nietfeld/dpa

The highlight of the budget week: an exchange of blows on the government policy of Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his traffic light coalition in the energy crisis is expected in the Bundestag today.

Union faction leader Friedrich Merz has chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) accused of breaking promises in connection with the announced special fund of 100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr. The defense budget will not increase by at least two percent as agreed, but will fall by almost 300 million euros, said the CDU chairman on Wednesday in the general debate on Scholz’s government policy and his traffic light government in the Bundestag in Berlin. “This is a gross breach of promise to Parliament and above all to the Bundeswehr,” he criticized.

Dealing with the commitments and dealing with the partners in the EU and NATO rightly triggers alienation and distrust, said Merz. How is Germany supposed to remain credible within the framework of the alliance, he asked. With regard to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure, the Union faction leader spoke of war crimes of the worst kind, for which Russian President Vladimir Putin and his regime will have to answer before the world community at some point. After receiving applause for this sentence, Merz criticized that it was revealing that “on the far left and the far right” side of the Bundestag, no hand had moved.

Scholz: Merz speech is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland

Chancellor Olaf Scholz accused Union faction leader Friedrich Merz of a distorted representation of reality in Germany. His speech at the start of the general debate reminded him of “Alice in Wonderland,” said the SPD politician Bundestag. “You talk down what is really big, and vice versa. What actually happened and who was responsible for it all becomes blurred. And what sounds logical at first is in fact sheer nonsense.”

In view of the energy crisis, the Federal Chancellor sees Germany well prepared for the winter. The country has the crisis “under control,” he said SPD-Politicians in the Bundestag. Germany’s energy security is “probably” guaranteed for this winter. Scholz referred to full gas storage facilities, liquid gas terminals, new supply contracts, the restart of coal-fired power plants and the continued operation of nuclear power plants.

The federal government had “reversed courageously,” said Scholz. Households and businesses across the country used energy sparingly. “That remains very important – especially with a view to the coming year and the winter of 2023.”

The chancellor went on to say that the federal government cannot subsidize the rise in energy prices entirely. “But we reduce it to a tolerable level.” He pointed out that the sales tax on gas and district heating will be reduced as well as the December one-off payment for gas and heat customers. The federal budget for 2023 will be voted on this Friday. After three exceptional years, the debt brake is to be complied with again. Because of the poor economic expectations, new loans of more than 45 billion euros are still possible.


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