General practitioners consider corona rules to be insufficient

Zat the end of his tenure, the chief medical officer will hit the plaster once again. That just decided in the Bundestag German Infection Protection Act contains far too much small and small, is being crushed within the traffic light coalition and is losing sight of the big picture, criticizes the outgoing federal chairman of the German Association of General Practitioners, Ulrich Weigeldt.

"I don't give a shit if Health Minister Karl Lauterbach or Justice Minister Marco Buschmann takes a political stab," says the doctor in an interview with the FAZ. "It is crucial that we protect people against Covid-19 as best we can, and I don't see that .”

The detailed mask discussion - "soon we will be prescribed the color" - goes under the urgent need to comprehensively vaccinate the right people, namely old and vulnerable groups. “We need a positive vaccination campaign that gets people involved. The slogan 'sleeves up' is not enough.”

criticism of data protection

Many protection rules can hardly be explained because they are handled differently within Germany and even more so in the neighboring countries. "Anyone who crosses the border by train can take off their masks almost everywhere, nobody understands that."

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