Gas supply stopped via Nord Stream 1

North Stream 1

On Wednesday morning, Gazprom announced on the Telegram news channel that “supply via Nord Stream has been completely stopped”.

(Photo: Reuters)

Moscow/Lubmin Russia has been severely throttled for months As announced, gas supply via the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline stopped early on Wednesday morning. According to information on the Nord Stream AG website, no significant amount flowed between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.

In the hour before, it had therefore fallen. The Russian state company Gazprom had announced that the pipeline would be closed for maintenance from August 31 to September 2.

Shared on Wednesday morning Gazprom in the news channel Telegram with, “the supply via Nord Stream has been completely stopped”. Scheduled maintenance work begins on a compressor station.

Nord Stream 1: Gazprom justifies the stop of gas deliveries with maintenance work

According to Gazprom, the only remaining turbine in the Portovaya compressor station, which is upstream of the pipeline, needs maintenance. The boss of Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, on the other hand, said that the maintenance work was technically incomprehensible. He keeps references to turbines by SiemensEnergy for advanced.

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Russia had also referred to the lack of turbines in connection with the reduction in the volume supplied via the pipeline. Recently, only about 20 percent of the maximum possible amount came through the pipeline.

Doubts about the justification for the throttling come from the federal government and also from the Ukrainian gas network operator GTSOU. GTSOU chief Sergiy Makogon said Russia wants to “undermine the willingness of our Western partners to continue their strong support for Ukraine”. In addition, Putin wants to spread panic in the global energy markets and drive up the price of gas on the spot market even further. He wants to generate the urgently needed income to refinance the war against Ukraine.

When asked how likely he thought it was that deliveries via Nord Stream 1 would continue, Makogon said: “If you’re being honest, only a look into the crystal ball will help here. What is indisputable is that Gazprom is completely unreliable and unwilling to meet its contractual obligations, as the repeated interruptions and reductions in gas supplies to Western Europe have already shown.” Due to the closure of Nord Stream 1, the GTSOU network is currently the last remaining direct supply line for Russian gas to Western Europe, Makogon said. “We are aware of the associated responsibility for our Western European partners. Unlike Gazprom, we are keeping our promises and contractual obligations,” added Makogon. It was Putin who ordered the gas volumes “GTSOU has the necessary infrastructure to transport far larger volumes in accordance with its contractual obligations, but the Russians simply do not want to provide it,” said the GTSOU boss.Russia granted transit through Ukraine months ago greatly reduced.

Gazprom reports record profit

Despite Western sanctions, Gazprom claims to have made record profits in the first half of the year. A net profit of 2.5 trillion rubles was achieved – that’s the equivalent of 46.5 billion euros.

The state-owned company pointed out via Telegram that the result had been achieved despite punitive measures due to the Ukraine war against Russia and an “unfavorable environment”.

Gazprom will now pay each shareholder 51.03 rubles per share. In the spring, the energy giant had dampened expectations for 2022.
A resumption of delivery is considered quite possible.

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