Gas crisis: Kretschmann sharply criticizes the economy

In the Baden-Württemberg economy, criticism of the management of the gas crisis by the green-black state government is growing. “We view the economic situation as critical. In this situation, the economy does not get the necessary attention from politicians. We need 100% attention, otherwise many companies in the south-west will not survive the winter,” said Peer-Michael Dick, Managing Director of the Entrepreneurs Baden-Württemberg Association (UBW), on Thursday of the FAZ

In this crisis, companies could only be saved with generous financial aid. “Now neither short-time work nor KfW loans are helping. As a result of the crisis, Baden-Württemberg has billions in additional tax revenue. That’s money that could flow back to the companies. A large part of the sales tax revenue comes from our companies. But nothing happens,” said Dick.

On Thursday, the association presented a paper calling for “reasonable measures to cushion the energy price shock for a large part of the economy”. So far, the federal government’s relief packages have only brought financial relief for private households and small businesses. The demand is to reduce the electricity tax to one euro per megawatt hour, to produce every “possible kilowatt hour” in Germany and to examine the feasibility of fracking. “Additional aid from the federal and state governments is required, analogous to the Corona aid.”

However, in view of the relief packages from the traffic light government, which could lead to non-compliance with the debt brake and will put a heavy strain on the state budget, the green-black state government does not want to launch any additional state aid programs for the time being – unlike in the pandemic. According to the green-black coalition, the co-financing of the Berlin relief packages is already putting a heavy strain on the budget. For the time being, no further crisis summit is planned. However, there could possibly be an aid program with targeted financial aid for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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