Gang war in Marseille claims 26th victim in 2022

Mith an assault rifle in southern France Marseilles Two men shot and killed a 21-year-old from a scooter. Two other men were injured in the attack on Saturday evening, the newspaper “La Provence” reported on Sunday. The victim, who was still trying to escape to a bar, was shot twice in the neck. The investigators found 36 shell casings at the crime scene, presumably the perpetrators shot with a Kalashnikov.

The background is still unclear, the 21-year-old was known to the police. He is the 26th person to have died in the Marseille area this year in gang wars, most of which involve drug deals.

Last year, 30 people died in 35 clashes in the drug milieu in Marseille. As the newspaper “Le Monde” reported on Saturday with reference to the public prosecutor’s office, the victims are getting younger and younger. In 2021 their average age was 26, this year 25 years.

In fights over drug sales points in the high-rise settlements on the outskirts, shooters are ready to eliminate a member of the opposing side for as little as 10,000 euros, reports “Le Monde”. Two out-of-town crooks who wanted to get involved in the business in Marseille were found in their bullet-riddled car on the city motorway three weeks ago, and a third escaped after being shot.

The authorities recently tried to fight drug trafficking in France’s second largest city more effectively with a massive police crackdown. With eleven additional mobile units, the Ministry of the Interior intends to take more vigorous action against drug trafficking and other crimes in other metropolises.

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