Galle was removed: Kader Loth is in the hospital

bile was removed
Kader Loth is in the hospital

Kader Loth had to go to the hospital.

Kader Loth had to go to the hospital.

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Kader Loth reports from the hospital on Instagram. The reason: your bile had to be removed.

The reality TV star Kader Loth (49) is currently in the hospital. The 49-year-old was "removed the bile including more than 50 gallstones," writes the former jungle camp participant in an Instagram story. Loth also published a photo that shows her in the hospital bed - in her hand she is holding a plastic cup containing the gallstones.

Kader Loth had to undergo emergency surgery

The "Bild" newspaper Loth explained that she suddenly had "hellish stomach pains and cramps" that "occurred spontaneously and didn't stop". On Wednesday evening she had to be taken to a Berlin clinic and had emergency surgery. The gallstones have caused her to have colic.

About three weeks ago, the reality TV star, who can currently be seen in the "Summer House of the Stars", was repeatedly plagued by slight cramps during a vacation. "The doctor on site initially assumed a mild gastrointestinal disease." But then her condition worsened, she could no longer eat - even movements were hardly possible. "I've never had such nausea and pain," he said Loth. After the operation, she still feels weak, but she will probably be able to leave the clinic again on Sunday.


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