G 20 spend billions of dollars on pandemic prevention

KShortly before their summit meeting on the Indonesian island of Bali, the group of the most important economic nations (G20) launched a global fund to combat future pandemics. Initially, 1.4 billion dollars (1.35 billion euros) had been pledged for this, explained Indonesia’s president Joko Widodo On Sunday. In this way, the aim is to be better armed against pandemics such as Covid-19 in the future.

Also representatives of World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO) underlined the importance of the fund. World Bank boss David Malpass described this as an “important tool” in the fight against cross-border infectious diseases.

According to the information, the United States is providing around $450 million. Other donors include Indonesia itself, the EU, the UK, India, China, Canada, Japan and Australia. Aid organizations and charitable foundations such as the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” are also involved.

The fund is intended to benefit countries with low and middle incomes in particular. Many of them had complained, among other things, that the rich countries stockpiled corona vaccines, while the poorer ones were only provided with comparatively small quotas.

Meanwhile, President Widodo pointed out that the previous commitments were far from sufficient and appealed to other states to join the fund. WHO and World Bank estimate the gaps in funding to fight the pandemic at around $10.5 billion annually. According to this, more than 50 billion dollars would be needed for a period of five years. In administering the fund, the World Bank will serve as trustee, with WHO acting in an advisory capacity.

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