G-20 countries distance themselves from Vladimir Putin

BAt the beginning of the G20 summit in Bali, undescancer Olaf Scholz called on Russia to end the war in Ukraine immediately. “The most effective means for the recovery of the world economy is the end of the Russian war against Ukraine,” said Scholz on Tuesday, according to the text of the speech. He called on Russian President Vladimir Putin not to use hunger as a weapon Abyss.” The fall in food prices after the resumption of grain deliveries from Ukraine shows that the war is responsible for the price turbulence on the world markets, said Scholz.

At the same time, the Chancellor warned Russia again against the use of nuclear weapons. “With his irresponsible nuclear threats, President Putin is deliberately escalating the situation further,” said Scholz.

Clear words from the host

Even in the circle of previously neutral states from the G20 circle, more and more distanced themselves from Putin. The Indonesian President and Host Joko Widodo said: “If the war does not end, it will be difficult for the world to move forward. If the war doesn’t end, it will be difficult for us to take responsibility for the future.” These were clear words for Indonesia, which had hitherto pursued a middle course in the crisis.

EU Council President Charles Michel also confirmed on Tuesday that the G20 would adopt a final declaration. According to agency reports, there should be talk of a “war” during Russia referred to the invasion as “special operations”. Agreeing on a joint final declaration presupposes that China, Russia’s most powerful partner, has also given its consent.

Wrestling with the wording of the final declaration

The chief negotiators negotiated the outstanding issues right up to the end. The main issue was how to react to the war in the Ukraine should be entered into. The diplomatic solution might lie in differentiating between the different positions in the document. The dpa news agency quoted from a draft on Tuesday: “Most members condemned the war in Ukraine in the strongest possible terms.” Scholz appealed to the G20 partners on Tuesday to stick to the draft of the final declaration, which provides for a condemnation of Russia. “Together we bear the responsibility that the G20 remains credible and able to act”.

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