Furniture chain – Ikea complains about high costs – economy

The furniture retailer Ikea justified its sometimes sharp price increases with increased costs for purchasing, transport and energy. The newspaper picture compared the current prices of selected products with those of the previous year and came up with increases of up to 131 percent for the “Nesttun” bed frame, for example. Ikea classics such as the “Billy” bookcase (53 percent) and the “Pax” wardrobe (50 percent) are also significantly more expensive than a year ago. In the past fiscal year 2022, it was not possible to avoid adjusting the prices for parts of the range, according to a written statement. Previously, the company absorbed most of the cost increases in the global supply chain itself. Since autumn 2022 and thus in the current 2023 financial year, prices have also been reduced again when the supply chains have stabilized and inventories have improved.

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