Friedrich Merz and social tourism: He should have known

In an interview, Friedrich Merz spoke about social tourism in relation to refugees from the Ukraine. Markus Söder should have been a warning example for him to let it be.

Friedrich Merz is on a high right now. 22 percent of those questioned in a Spiegel poll consider him the most suitable chancellor. He gets the most votes, seven percentage points ahead of second-placed Robert Habeck.

Maybe that’s why Merz is getting cocky now. On Monday he gave an interview to Bild TV in which he accused the federal government of many things and – of course – pretended that the country would be much better off if the Union were to govern. Preferably with him as chancellor, of course. You can do that opposition leader don’t accuse. It is his job to draw attention to government mistakes. He can sometimes present solutions that would not really solve the problems in reality.

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