Freighter Felicity Ace with VW luxury cars sunk off the Azores

The car freighter Felicity Ace caught fire off the Azores on February 16.
Image: dpa

A fire broke out on the car freighter in mid-February. Models from Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini are said to have been on board. Recently, heavy seas had made it difficult to salvage the ship.

Ein a burned-out freighter with almost 4000 cars VW group sank in rough seas in the Atlantic on Tuesday. This was confirmed by the Portuguese Navy at the request of the German Press Agency. Recently, heavy seas had made it difficult to salvage the ship. The freighter was to be towed to either Europe or the Bahamas.

The fire on the “Felicity Ace” broke out on February 16 in the Azores. The 22-man crew had been saved. Most of the cars on board, destined for the US market, were already destroyed or badly damaged by the fire.

According to a Dutch salvage company, the fire went out on its own on Thursday last week. The carmaker did not provide information on how many new cars of which brands were affected by the fire. In media reports was also of models from PorscheAudi, Bentley and Lamborghini have been mentioned.

The 200 meter long ship was on its way from Emden to Davisville in the US state of Rhode Island when the fire broke out for reasons that are still unknown. The freighter then drifted in the Atlantic for a week and was then hooked up by a tugboat.

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