Frauke Ludowig: That is her most important advice to her daughters

Frauke Ludowig
This is her number one piece of advice to her daughters

Frauke Ludowig with her daughter Nele.

Frauke Ludowig with her daughter Nele.

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Frauke Ludowig appears once again with her daughter Nele – the two are a well-established team.

Frauke Ludowig (58) once again attracts attention together with her daughter Nele (19). The mother-daughter team attended the Dyson store opening in Frankfurt together. “I really enjoy it. Spending time with one of my daughters is valuable to me anyway and when work can be combined so beautifully, it’s just great,” enthuses the moderator.

Nele’s initial nervousness is no longer noticeable. “I’m basically rather excited,” explains the freshly graduated high school graduate, who is celebrating her 19th birthday this Friday and is at her side mother can look forward to an exclusive hairstyling. When it comes to fashion and styling, the mother-daughter duo works in a similar way. “We are both very fashion-conscious,” said the presenter.

Dear Nele, you have often accompanied your mother. Has the nervousness subsided now?

Nele: Basically, I’m more excited about what’s coming up for me and us. I am happy to be able to take part in a great event together with my mother and I feel rather enriched and inspired. We have worked with Dyson in the past. That’s why we’re very happy to be here today at the store opening in Frankfurt to take part.

Dear Frauke, how much do you enjoy being able to attend appointments like this with your daughter?

Frauke: I really enjoy it. Spending time with one of my daughters is valuable to me anyway, and when work can be combined so beautifully, it’s just great!

Do you coordinate your outfits before a joint appearance?

Frauke: We’re going to coordinate a bit. Very often the organizer also specifies a theme or a colour. And Nele also likes to get advice from me, but of course implements her own taste. She has to feel comfortable in what she wears. In any case, we are both very fashion-conscious and it is always a great pleasure when we can style ourselves for great events.

And do you also ask your daughter for advice on fashion and styling?

Frauke: Of course, but as already described, in the end everyone has to feel good and comfortable in their outfit, you radiate that. But I’m very happy to have two daughters with whom you can exchange ideas on fashion and beauty topics and give each other advice. Of course you always get great tips on current trends – my daughters have completely different sources of inspiration.

Which one of you takes longer in the bathroom?

Frauke: That usually happens very quickly for us. Depending on the event or appointment, you need a little longer for the make-up. At official appointments, of course, we also have great stylists who take care of our hair and make-up. Today we get an exclusive hairstyling here at the Dyson store. Of course we like to be out and about, but we also enjoy being styled for special occasions.

You are celebrating your 19th birthday today, how have you experienced the day so far, is there another big party planned?

Nele: I’m happy to be able to spend it with my mother here in Frankfurt. I’ve already had a few smaller parties when I passed my final exams, and there was also a nice prom where my family and friends accompanied me. That was really dreamy. It may well be that I will celebrate my 20th birthday bigger. But until then it’s still a whole year.

Would you like to be 20 again, Frauke?

Frauke: Oh, not really. I don’t want to miss the experiences I had and the experiences I’ve been able to gather up until today. But of course, being 20 years young also has many advantages – beautiful, smooth skin, for example (laughs). That is of course something beautiful and also the things that lie ahead. I’m excited to see what’s to come and also to being able to accompany my daughters on their way through life.

What do you remember most from your 20s?

Frauke: Similar to my daughter, I was in the process of finding a career at the time. Where is my way? Does what I intend to do go “well”? Do you prefer the bank or the media? But as you can see, everything has found its way and I’m very happy with what I’m doing. My parents let me fly free and I do the same with my daughters.

What is the most important piece of advice you as a mother can give your daughters?

Frauke: Go your own way and don’t let yourself be influenced too much from outside. Please always openly address problems and questions. As parents, we are always there for you and support you with all our strength. There is always room for that!

Does your youngest daughter Nika also want to go public?

Frauke: Sometimes yes, sometimes no – she’s in the middle of school and still has time. But she is very creative. I could imagine that she might go in that direction one day. But that too will be revealed in due course.


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