Franziska van der Heide: She is not planning an "AWZ" comeback for the time being

Franziska van der Heide
She is not planning an "AWZ" comeback for the time being

Franziska van der Heide won't close that quickly "All that counts" to return.

Franziska van der Heide will not return to "Everything That Counts" anytime soon.

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"AWZ" fans have to do without Franziska van der Heide. She will not return to the series for the time being after the birth of her daughter.

In the series "Everything that counts" (RTL), Franziska van der Heide (30) has played the lesbian cook Ina Ziegler since 2020. After a baby break and the birth of her daughter, the actress will celebrate “no return for the time being” in the RTL Daily, like her in an Instagram post explained to her fans. "It's been two great years and I'm grateful to have played there with so many wonderful colleagues," she looks back in her post. "Life as an artist is a journey for me. New beginnings, being brave and listening to my heart are also part of it for me."

Franziska van der Heide: Family life in Berlin

She is looking forward to new challenges again and the biggest and most beautiful is currently her "little Romy". Family life with her daughter is in Berlin and she wanted to "see her grow up, take her first steps and enjoy this short time with her". She hopes that her fans will understand and promises: "Don't worry, you'll see me again soon. Whether at work, in everyday life or just because I and you feel like it."

Before her role in the series "Everything that counts", which was mainly filmed in Cologne, van der Heide played the role of Mieke "Mieze" Lutze in "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten" from 2013 to 2015. Her beginnings as an actress were in the theater and in short films. In September 2021, the actress married her partner Tim in Berlin in a small circle. Her daughter Romy Luise was born on December 9, 2021.


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