Frankfurt carnival campaign without kicking Feldmann

E“His madness” Larry I. immediately made it clear: “I’m not going to do the mayor job now,” said Larry Crichton on Friday when he was on the eleventh at 11:11 a.m. at the start of the campaign of the Frankfurt Grand Council Fastnachtsvereine on the stage of the Northwest Center to “His madness” together with “Your loveliness” Nadin I. was presented. To a certain extent, the two are a kind of mayoral couple of the Fastnachter and were appointed to office on the very day when another mayor had to officially resign after the final deselection result was announced.

But even under these unusual circumstances, the Frankfurt Fastnachters only want to take over the rule on the great days, symbolized by a storming of the town hall on Shrove Tuesday including a symbolic handover of the keys in the Römer. Meanwhile, it is still uncertain who they will then snatch the key from, as the mayoral vacancy will last throughout the campaign up to Ash Wednesday and a few weeks beyond.

No kicking against Feldmann

According to Axel Heilmann, President of the Great Council of around 50 Frankfurt carnival clubs, this fact should be reflected in contributions to the meetings as well as on floats during the big parade on Carnival Sunday. “Our job as Fastnachter is to keep an eye on the fingers as a kind of fifth power of the authorities. We will certainly do that in the election campaign and with the candidates,” he said. Heilmann, himself one of the most renowned speakers in the Frankfurter, concluded for himself carnivalwhile saying that he wants to deal with coming to terms with the past.

“Every Fastnachter can do what he wants. For my part, I think it’s advisable not to go after Peter Feldmann again. He certainly has enough work to do for himself personally with voting and the process, ”said the head of the Great Council, who was only recently confirmed in office. “For the Frankfurt Fastnacht, I also have to emphasize that he was always there for us when we needed him.”

It is also important to Heilmann that, after two and a half years of the cancellations forced by Corona, the carnival finally finds its way back to its old strength in a normal campaign. Regardless of the local political note, which the campaign will inevitably receive as a result of the mayor election campaign, which is entering the hot phase at the same time, the carnival shows itself to be remarkably committed: With the campaign motto “Frankfurt’s carnival – shrill and fine / and six-color on top of that”. the Great Council for tolerance towards all forms of life, for peace especially in the face of the war in Ukraine and for cheerfulness in general.

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