Frank Plasberg stops: “I’ll see what it’s like when there’s nothing”

Frank Plasberg moderated the talk show “Hart aber fair” 750 times. Now that’s the end of it. A farewell talk about his favorite talk show guests and why he now prefers to go boating.

Mister Plasberg, After twenty-two years and seven hundred and fifty broadcasts, you quit your job as moderator of “Hart, aber fair”. It’s reminiscent of Pope Benedict – stop when it’s most beautiful and see how the successors get along.
Good point. Not at the Pope, but at quitting when it’s most beautiful.

Then why do it when it’s still fun?
You have to find the right time. A year ago I said to myself: It’s about time. You are almost 65 years old now. Go while your amazing team and the ARD are still sad and the rate is right. Stop self-determined, before everyone whispers: When is the old bastard finally going to leave?

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