France reforms unemployment insurance – now dependent on the economic situation

Emmanuel Macron

The President of France has achieved an important goal: the reform of unemployment insurance.

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Paris In France Unemployment benefit is to be paid out for different periods of time depending on the economic situation. That was decided by the Senate in Paris on Thursday. President’s Emmanuel Macron The reform that has been pushed ahead should take effect from the beginning of next year.

When the economy is doing well, unemployment benefits should be drawn for a shorter period of time than in bad times, when job hunting is more difficult and unemployment is higher.

The regulations in detail have not yet been laid down in the law that has now been passed. After consultation with the social partners, they are to be determined in a timely manner by decree. The unemployment benefit period in France is currently between 24 and 36 months.

Unemployment insurance reform is a building block for the Liberal Macron to reach full employment by 2027, which translates to an unemployment rate of no more than 5 percent. Unemployment in France is declining, most recently the rate was 7.4 percent. The reform is intended to make it easier for companies to recruit staff, since workers are now scarce in a number of sectors.

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Macron, who has not had an absolute majority in parliament since the summer elections, was able to implement the reform with the support of the conservative Républicains. The left camp and the right-wing national Rassemblement National opposed the project.

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