France is arguing about a bullfighting ban

Ghears the bullfight banned in France? Left MP Aymeric Caron (LFI) is convinced of this. He introduced a bill to Parliament, which has been under discussion since Wednesday. The question of a corrida ban splits the parliament across party lines. The leader of the governing group, Aurore Bergé, calls the bloody fight cruelty to animals and wants to support the ban. But her fellow party member, Attorney General Eric Dupont-Moretti, is an ardent admirer of the Corrida. It is “a high art and not a slaughterhouse”.

The former star lawyer Dupont-Moretti insists on being allowed to plead against the ban in the National Assembly. In a television program he once explained that he considers the anti-bullfighters to be fanatical vegans who are on a “ban strip”. The Tauromachy have artists like Pablo Picasso or Ernest Hemingway and must be protected like an art form. Dupont-Moretti also likes to cite Jean Cocteau and Édith Piaf, both bullfighting enthusiasts.

Many in the ruling faction find the justice minister’s passion strange. In the Elysée Palace, however, they do not want to give the impression that they are ignoring the people of the country, as with the speed limit of 80 km/h on country roads. That is why Elysée Secretary General Alexis Kohler advocates voting against the ban. Ever since the “yellow vest” protests, the government has been plagued by fear of being perceived too much as the urban elite.

Do animals have the same rights as humans?

The initiator of the legislative initiative does not know such shyness. Aymeric Caron, the 50-year-old MP from the left party LFI has made a name for itself with books such as “NoSteak”, “Utopia XXI” and “Nature’s Revenge”. He belongs to the movement that recognizes no species difference between humans and animals. He has become known on talk shows with the demand that one should not kill flies. He sees the ban on bullfighting as part of a new way of life that respects animals. He himself does not eat any animal products and told on TV how he bakes cakes without eggs and dairy products.

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