Formula 1: Hülkenberg the only German 2023: I don’t feel any pressure

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Hülkenberg the only German in 2023: I don’t feel any pressure

Driving for Team Haas in 2023: Nico Hülkenberg.  Photo: Hassan Ammar/AP/dpa

Driving for Team Haas in 2023: Nico Hülkenberg. photo

© Hassan Ammar/AP/dpa

Nico Hulkenberg makes his first ride with the Haas. Next season Hulkenberg has a special German status. Does he feel pressure?

The new Haas pilot Nico Hulkenberg Due to his special status as the only regular German Formula 1 driver, he does not feel any particular pressure for the coming season.

“No, not at all,” said Hulkenberg at a media panel in response to a question before the final test drives in Abu Dhabi. “I don’t feel any pressure from that side.”

The 35-year-old gets the cockpit for 2023 with the US team Mike Schumacher, who has aroused great interest at Mercedes as a replacement driver. Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel ended his career on Sunday.

“These are natural cycles that nations are in formula 1 come and go,” Hülkenberg described. “Germany was very spoiled for decades with Michael (Schumacher), (Nico) Rosberg, Sebastian (Vettel) and Mercedes as manufacturers.” In Hülkenberg’s premiere season in 2010, there were even seven German drivers at the start.

At the end of 2019, the Rhinelander no longer had a contract with Renault as a regular driver. After strong engagements as a test driver at Racing Point and the successor team Aston Martin he is now making his comeback. The test in Abu Dhabi is “a little foretaste to get a feel for the car,” said Hulkenberg. The “hunger for racing, to be the fire in Formula 1” is all there with him.

Preloaded Haas Duo

But Haas has a driver pairing that is biased. In 2017 at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hülkenberg and Kevin Magnussen clashed first on the track and then verbally afterwards. The Dane was “once again the most unsportsmanlike driver in the field,” said the then Renault driver during a TV interview about the Haas driver. Magnussen responded with an insult below the belt.

“I expect a good relationship,” Hulkenberg said. “We clarified the incident and broke the ice at the beginning of the year. I said the same things to him as a greeting as in 2017, he thought it was funny and amusing,” said Hulkenberg, completely relaxed.

It is not yet clear how his commitment as a Formula 1 expert for Servus TV will continue. That remains to be seen, said Hulkenberg.


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