Former Minister of Education and Science Hans Zehetmair died

Im the age of 86 is the former Bavarian Minister of Education and Science Hans Zehetmair (CSU) died. This was announced by a CSU spokesman on Monday at the request of the German Press Agency in Munich. The “Münchner Merkur” had previously reported on it.

Zehetmair was considered one of the most distinguished education politicians in Germany. For 12 years he acted as chairman of the council for German orthography, for 17 years he was minister in Bavaria: first Minister of Education, then Minister of Science. Previously, Zehetmair was district administrator of the Erding district from 1978 to 1986.

“I received the news of Hans Zehetmair’s death with deep sadness,” said Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU). This had a lasting impact on the educational state of Bavaria and was the inspiration for the fact that Bavaria is now one of the strongest science locations in the world. “Especially the establishment of the universities for applied sciences, which he brought to all regions of Bavaria with many new foundations, bears his signature. Bavaria will honor his memory.”

“I owe a lot to Hans Zehetmair”

The Catholic and father of three children was born in 1936 in Langengeisling near Erding in Upper Bavaria near Munich. In 1974 he was elected to the state parliament for the first time, in 1986 he became Minister of Education and in 1989 also for Science and Art. Both ministries were merged under his leadership in 1990.

“Hans Zehetmair has left us. He was THE Minister of Education and Science par excellence. His commitment to the Free State of #Bavaria has an impact beyond the day. He will be missed by all of us! #RIP,” wrote Science Minister Markus Blume (CSU) on Twitter.

Social Affairs Minister Ulrike Scharf was also very concerned: “I owe a lot to Hans Zehetmair, he got me into the CSU and was my big sponsor for years. He has successfully built up and significantly shaped our Erding District Association over decades.”

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