Former Corona Minister to succeed Jacinda Ardern

In New Zealand Former Corona Minister Chris Hipkins is about to be replaced by Jacinda Ardern after her resignation as Prime Minister. The ruling Labor party announced on Saturday that only Hipkins has been nominated for the post of prime minister. The 44-year-old has yet to be formally confirmed at a party meeting on Sunday to take office.

The meeting will take place on Sunday from 1 p.m. (local time, 1 a.m.CET) “to approve the nomination and confirm Chris Hipkins as party leader,” senior Labor MP Duncan Webb said. As head of the ruling party, he also becomes Prime Minister.

The new leader will lead his party in a difficult campaign for October’s general election as it lags behind in the polls. Hipkins had received praise for his work as Minister for Response to the Corona Pandemic. The country only fully reopened its borders in August last year. Hipkins is currently in charge of the education and police departments in the cabinet.

After more than five years at the helm of the government, the outgoing Prime Minister announced her resignation on Thursday. The charismatic 42-year-old gave the reason that she lacked the strength for more years in office.

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