For the first time since the death of the Queen: Prince William is spending time in Balmoral

For the first time since the Queen’s death
Prince William spends time in Balmoral

Has Prince William taken some time off at Balmoral?

Has Prince William taken some time off at Balmoral?

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Balmoral was Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite home. Now Prince William is said to have returned there. To take a break?

Prince William (40) is said to have visited the royal estate of Balmoral in Scotland. His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), died here on September 8th. According to the “Daily Mail” the British heir to the throne spent the weekend at Craigowan Lodge. It was considered one of the Queen’s favorite buildings on the Scottish estate surrounding Balmoral Castle and was used by her for less formal occasions.

William is said to have used the weekend for deer hunting, which has been practiced in the royal family for decades. The Prince of Wales was raised by his father, King Charles III, when he was young. (73), taken along. According to the “Daily Mail” report, William was said to have been away without his own family at the weekend. Accordingly, his wife, Princess Kate (40), and his children, Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4) were not in balmoral included.

King Charles is said to have inherited Balmoral

While royal residences such as Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle belong to the crown, Balmoral was owned personally by the Queen. According to British media reports, King Charles could use the property after the Death inherited from his mother.

Balmoral is said to have been particularly close to the heart of the Queen. She referred to it as “my dear paradise in the Highlands”. Elizabeth II traditionally spent the summer months in Scotland and also received her closest family members there. In the weeks leading up to her death, she is said to have had relatives and friends visiting Balmoral as well. She had already retired to Scotland at the end of July.

It was “a very typical and happy summer in Balmoral” with lots of walks, picnics and BBQs. “We have maintained the rhythm that the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh have long set. Of course, the Queen was not present all the time but she took part,” a source told the “Daily Mail“.


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